Woman Fights 13-Foot Crocodile To Save Husband’s Life

Last Updated: March 19, 2024, 10:41 IST

The incident took place in South Africa.

The incident took place in South Africa.

The woman came running to the lake with a log from nearby and began to attack the crocodile.

People in India are well acquainted with the story of Savitri and Satyavan, wherein the wife saved her husband from Yamraj and brought him back alive. In today’s world, witnessing such incidents is rare and miraculous as well. A recent incident might have come closer to this though. One man named Anthony Joubert from South Africa was trapped, half-swallowed by a 13-foot-long crocodile. Coming to his rescue, his wife bravely fought with the reptile and saved Anthony. According to The Mirror report, Anthony’s 12-year-old son JP was fishing at a dam in South Africa and was reeling to catch but his line got caught in a tree. After which, the bass that JP had hooked dangled from a branch in an inch of water. The 37-year-old Anthony told his son to stay on the bank and he walked a foot into the lake to untangle the fish. At that time, a crocodile was lying in the ambush that came out and attacked.

Anthony Joubert mentioned in an interview, “All of a sudden it exploded from the water and had its jaws around my leg; the crocodile knocked me flat.” He added, “There was water everywhere when the reptile adjusted its grip and had my second leg in its mouth and started thrashing its head to left and right with force”, he was quoted in a report in The Daily Mail.

According to The Mirror, Joubert’s wife, Annalise came running to the lake with a log from nearby and began to attack the 13-foot-long crocodile. Joubert said, “She began smashing the giant crocodile over the head again and again with a strong force and after five or six bashes, the crocodile’s jaw opened and it slid away.”

After beating up the reptile, Annalise dragged Joubert back to the shore with the help of Anthony’s boss, Johan van der Colff. After bringing back the wounded survivor from the river, Colff’s wife, Bianca wrapped Anthony with a towel and took him to the nearest hospital. Bianca told the New York Post, “When I tried to clean his wounds I found three crocodile teeth still in a stomach hole.”

Anthony has suffered four deep wounds on his legs and stomach, apart from several single tooth wounds. Anthony mentioned to The Daily Mail, “Two very brave people saved my life that day from the most horrific death I can imagine. I have a long fight to get back to health, but I was one meal the crocodile was not having.”

Currently, the Joubert family has set up a fundraising page on the social media platform, Facebook to seek financial help for Anthony’s recovery.

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