Indian Man Posts About Father ‘Retiring’ From Kirana Shop, Heartwarming Story Goes Viral on Facebook

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Aurangabad [Aurangabad], India

Indian Man Posts About Father 'Retiring' From Kirana Shop (Photo Credits: Facebook/Waheed Momin)

Indian Man Posts About Father ‘Retiring’ From Kirana Shop (Photo Credits: Facebook/Waheed Momin)

Aurangabad man shared how his father was ‘retiring’ from his groceries shop, viral post gets heartwarming reactions.

It’s quite common to hear about folks retiring from their jobs after dedicating years to their careers. But have you ever come across someone ‘retiring’ from their own business? Pretty unique, right? Well, there’s this man from Aurangabad who decided to pay homage to his father’s career by giving it the retirement label, as he recently bid farewell to running the family groceries shop that he poured his heart into for three decades.

Taking to Facebook, Waheed Momin shared a touching tale of his father’s journey, brimming with pride. “Today marks Abba’s official retirement from his KIRANA shop, although he wasn’t quite ready for it,” he started off, revealing that this milestone came after his dad spent 13 years managing a pan tapri before diving into the world of groceries 33 years ago at a rented spot.

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Dr. Waheed recalled how his father’s kirana shop, which ran 365 days a year except for two holidays on Eid, kept the family financially stable and allowed him to get an education without any issues. He expressed mixed emotions, saying, “Feeling both sad and happy as I would have definitely continued and have expanded this business nicely in a modern way if my parents had not given me proper education.”

Dr. Waheed, who is now a Consultant Neurologist, shared the poignant moment of his father’s retirement, expressing, “It’s sad to see him stopping his work which he liked the most. Hope he enjoys his retirement and leisure time and takes care of his health which he has always ignored for us.”

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Soon after, his post caught fire online, drawing heartfelt comments from the public. “Great words, dear Waheed Momin.. I can relate to every single word. We used to run a store too.. Wishing the best for your dad in his retired life,” remarked one user. Another chimed in, “Indeed…..ur father deserve a salute and what more great thing is that u r still attached to ur roots.” A third commenter added, “Dear, Good to see you as thankful word on this platform, God will always blessed with your parents, who support you , he is real hero of your life, proud moment for your lovely parents.”

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Truly, it’s hard to watch your parents grow older and give up the things they once loved doing. Yet, amidst the bittersweet realisation, there is a relief to see them finally getting some time to relax and enjoy themselves.

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