Tropical Basil Sparkling Waters : pineapple holy basil

Aura Bora’s Pineapple Holy Basil is the newest flavored sparkling water from the brand and it pairs the sweet taste of tropical fruit with an unexpected herbaceous ingredient. The brand describes holy basil as “slightly minty then spicy” and likens it to fragrant, sweet warm spices like clove with mint and licorice notes. Naturally green and sweet, holy basil adds refreshing depth and interest to fruit-flavored sparkling water.

This limited-edition sparkling water flavor is sugar-free and calorie-free, and its simple ingredient list builds on a base of carbonated water with the titular ingredients, plus mango extract.

Every Aura Bora beverage is packaged with a label featuring a playful character. Neigh Slayer, the whimsical representation of Pineapple Holy Basil, is a sea horse with a penchant for playing the saxophone.

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