Top 100 Drinking Trends

The February 2024 drinking trends reflect a dynamic shift towards sophistication, health consciousness, and environmental responsibility in consumer preferences.

As enthusiasts increasingly gravitate towards whiskey and craft spirits, the market has responded with offerings like Lunar New Year Whiskies and AI-designed whiskey bottles, highlighting a demand for premium, culturally rich, and artisanal beverages.

Concurrently, the surge in non-alcoholic and health-focused drinks, such as immune-boosting berry smoothies and non-alcoholic whiskey cocktails, underscores a growing trend towards wellness and moderation in consumption. Moreover, sustainability in packaging emerges as a pivotal theme, with innovations like paper bottle-packaged cocktails and compostable single-serve coffee packs gaining traction. These trends showcase a beverage industry that is adapting to the evolving desires of consumers who prioritize quality, health benefits, and eco-friendly practices.

As we move through 2024, these trends are set to influence drinking habits, guiding both product development and marketing strategies within the beverage sector.

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