Top 100 Computers Trends in February

The February 2024 Computers trends reveal the rapid evolution and diversification of computing devices and platforms. From quantum computers and new CPU chips with built-in Neural Processing Units for AI workloads, to wearable computers and cloud gaming, these trends demonstrate how computing technology is reshaping various domains and industries.

The ASUS Zenbook Duo showcased at CES 2024 highlights portable computer innovation well with its unique form factor and dual-screen design for enhanced productivity. This laptop essentially replaces the bottom panel, typically set aside for the keyboard and trackpad, with a second screen. The keyboard can then be connected to the bottom screen, enabling dual-screen workflows on the go. Alternatively, the keyboard can be laid on top of the bottom screen, powering it off and turning the device into a traditional laptop.

On the other hand, MSI’s Project Zero shows how computer hardware is innovating. Project Zero is an initiative by MSI whereby the company aims to have motherboards and cases that facilitate easier PC builds, less cable clutter, and more streamlined designs. The Project Zero motherboards house headers on the rear side of the board, which prevents the need to run cables around the motherboard and overlap one another.

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