Swooped Roof Chinese Airports : Lishui Airport

Chinese architecture studio MAD introduces its design for the Lishui Airport in China. It is defined by its captivating swooping roof with a clean white palette detailed with soaring birds. It rests on top of a hilled terrain just 15 kilometers away from the middle of the city. This is the first domestic airport to be implemented in the city of Lishui, located in the Zhejiang Province. The city is a garden oasis and thus, the airport is meant to represent that as well.

MAD speaks about the design process, stating “Covering 2,267 hectares of land with a maximum fill height difference of nearly one hundred meters, the airport adopts a large silver-white overhanging roof resembling a white-feathered bird ready to soar. The bird-like form absorbs the elevation changes and merges the airport into the mountains, making the airport a spiritual landmark in the region.”

Image Credit: MAD

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