Sea Botanical Skincare : AR ocean

Lidl Northern Ireland launched its first own-brand skincare range, Ár Ocean, in an exclusive partnership with county Mayo-based Ultra-Pure Laboratories. This new skincare brand exclusive to Lidl is affordable and Irish-made, and it features formulas that are densely packed with nutrient-rich solutions for hydrating, smoothing and revitalizing skin.

The cost-conscious skincare products for all skin types tap into the power of the Irish Sea and its abundant minerals, sharing daily essentials like the two-in-one Ár Ocean Cleanser and Toner, Marine Moisturizer, Eye Cream and the Hyaluronic Face Serum with smoothing, firming and conditioning benefits.

Consumers are seeking simple, mineral-rich skincare solutions like Ár Ocean that effectively support and revitalize their skin barrier, prioritizing natural ingredients for enhanced health and resilience.

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