Nikki Hall Making a ‘Jersey Shore’ Return on Season 7?

Is Nikki Hall not on Jersey Shore anymore?

Will she return this season?

Nikki Hall and Pauly D have been a Jersey Shore: Family Vacation power couple for a while now.

She’s likable. She’s gorgeous. And she’s been a hit with many viewers.

Nikki was also nowhere to be seen on Season 6, and Season 7 starts this month. Where’s Nikki? What happened?

Nikki Hall stands, aghast, splattered with someone else's drink.
Oh no! Amidst a feud on MTV’s Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, Nikki Hall was on the receiving end of a deliberate mess. (Image Credit: MTV)

Have Pauly D and Nikki Hall broken up?

Nikki and Pauly D first matched up in an official capacity on Double Shot at Love‘s second season. Since then, she’s been part of MTV’s Jersey Shore revival: Family Vacation.

The cast (mostly) likes her. Yes, okay, there may have been an explosive feud, but she’s not just part of the titular vacation — she’s now part of the titular family.

So Nikki’s absence from Season 6 left viewers scratching their heads — and taking to social media to speculate. With Season 7 on the horizon, that speculation is ramping up again.

The Jersey Shore: Family Vacation cast and a bouquet.
Pauly D and Nikki Hall share a cute moment with castmates on ‘Jersey Shore: Family Vacation’. (Image Credit: MTV)

Is nefarious editing to blame?

Some fans of the show wonder if Pauly D and Nikki aren’t happy with the portrayal of their relationship.

Obviously, any and all scenes on reality TV receive some editing. But it’s possible that they believe that their scenes receive heavy-handed, or dishonest editing.

Some fans have gone so far as to add that perhaps they’ve had cute, fun moments cut from the show altogether.

This isn’t a new idea. Back in March of 2022, denizens of Reddit pointed out how both Pauly D and Nikki were making their displeasure known.

Even though neither of them have reputations as avid live-tweeters (remember when that was a huge thing?), they were liking tweets left and right that asked why the show wasn’t featuring them as much.

When cast members of a reality show are engaging positively with multiple critiques of the show … it usually means that they share those feelings. How much of their relationship fell to the cutting room floor, forgotten?

Nikki Hall wears a pink gown and holds a pink box.
Nikki Hall shows up with a pink box on Jersey Shore: Family Vacation. (Image Credit: MTV)

Is there a personal issue for Nikki and the ‘Jersey Shore’ cast?

Elsewhere, some fans have wondered if it’s a beef. If Nikki doesn’t like a lot of the castmates, for example, she might decide to not return.

Fans shot down that speculation. Nikki might not wade headfirst into drama like some of the other, but she doesn’t seem to hate being around them.

Meanwhile, the suggestion arose among fans that a vocal segment of viewers are harsher to Nikki. At times, it seems like she cannot win with them.

Nikki Hall holds an open wine bottle.
On Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, Nikki Hall plots her revenge. (Image Credit: MTV)

To be clear, we all saw how Nikki and Angelina clashed during Season 5. We didn’t include screenshots of the wine-splashing incident without cause.

Maybe things became more heated than viewers realized. Editing can hide toxic things as well as tender moments.

Fans wonder if Nikki, Angelina, or both wanted a break from their conflict. Was Nikki stepping back from Season 6 (and not filming for Season 7) the simplest solution?

Fans know one thing about Nikki and Pauly D

The two are still together, and crazy about each other. Nikki is being shy about the spotlight, but she still travels with Pauly and supports his DJ career.

She doesn’t need to be on MTV to be with him. They’re a real couple.

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation Season 7 premieres on February 7.

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