Mazda CX-60: Owners offered free suspension fix

Complaining of a stiff ride in your Mazda CX-60? Well, the Japanese brand is offering you the chance to have the suspension in your SUV upgraded, free of charge.

Mazda Australia has confirmed with CarExpert the company has made a running change at a factory level, with “a revised rear shock absorber” being fitted from new builds from October 2023 to address criticism of the terse ride quality.

Owners of vehicles built between March 28 and September 30, 2023 are also being offered the opportunity to “align their vehicle with the latest factory specification… fitted at no cost through the Mazda dealer network”.

“As CX-60 makes its way into more markets, we continue to study the vehicle and review customer feedback,” the company said in a statement to CarExpert.

Further to the free suspension upgrade, Mazda Australia is also offering a free update of the CX-60’s Powertrain Control Module (software) to the latest calibration, which combines the engine control unit (ECU) and transmission control unit (TCU).

It’s understood this is a direct response to complaints about refinement of the CX-60’s eight-speed automatic, which features a multi-plate clutch and integrated electric motor-generator in place of a hydraulic converter as an input clutch.

In essence, the electric motor in both mild-hybrid and plug-in hybrid versions and mechanical clutch take the place of a conventional torque converter.

While Mazda claims this helps to improve fuel efficiency and improved throttle response over a conventional automatic, but due to the fact torque outputs of the engine and electric motor are directly transmitted to the gearbox “with fast and rhythmic shifting” akin to a manual transmission, the calibration has been criticised for its jerkiness at low speeds as well as the odd audible grumble.

It’s not just the automotive media that have complained about the CX-60’s suspension and transmission, either.

Owners have been giving their feedback as well – including one who published an owner review of their CX-60 P50e Azami on CarExpert.

Back in August, S King wrote: “Unfortunately one of the most important features and function, the ride quality is poor. The suspension needs to be worked on before Mazda can claim they have a truly premium product.”

“The transmission is clunky around town when stop start or at low speed… The suspension is terrible feels every bump. Particularly on country roads. Feels at times you could lose control.

“If the suspension could be corrected we would be much happier.”

Mazda has no plans to introduce similar changes to the larger CX-90, which shares the CX-60’s Large Architecture platform as well as versions of the same electrified powertrains, though the Japanese brand’s new flagship SUV hasn’t been subject to the same level of criticism as its smaller stablemate.

According to VFACTS sales data, Mazda registered 2779 units of the CX-60 in 2023 following its market launch in July. So far in 2024, the CX-60’s sales rates have slowed significantly, with just 522 units registered as of February 28.

Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below, and if you’re an owner of a CX-60 planning to or already have had these changes applied to your CX-60, we’d love to know whether these changes have been worthwhile!

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