Marvel’s ‘Blade’ Movie Loses Key Actor Amid Script Rewrites

Blade just can’t catch a break! It’s recently been confirmed the upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe film has lost one of its lead actors amid rewrites.

Blade has had one of the most troubled developments in the history of the MCU. The project has lost directors and thrown out multiple scripts and there’s still no word on when production will begin. It’s a shock that Mahershala Ali is still even attached to the project. Yet, it doesn’t seem every actor is so lucky.

Aaron Pierre, best known for his roles on Krypton and Old, joined the cast of Blade in early 2022. However, during a recent interview with Variety, the actor revealed that he’s no longer set to join the MCU, with his role apparently being cut from the script amid the most recent round of rewrites.

“Early on, there were conversations. As the project evolved, I’m no longer part of that…attached.” Pierre explained. “But there are a number of things that I’m tremendously excited about. Rebel Ridge with Jeremy Saulnier and The Lion King prequel with Barry Jenkins. All things that are coming out this year that myself and the team are deeply excited about and can’t wait to share with the world — and have people engage with it and experience it in whatever way they feel fit.”

It’s certainly a shame that Blade has lost an actor of Aaron Pierre’s caliber. While far from the biggest actor to join the MCU, he would have been a refreshing presence to see across from Mahershala Ali. The one upside to this news is that it seems Marvel is taking the script rewrite seriously, not simply keeping actors attached to roles for no reason.

Blade Takes A Bold New Direction

It’s no secret that Mahershala Ali has been unhappy with the stagnation of the Blade reboot for the MCU. The film has been stuck in development hell at Marvel Studios for half a decade, with scripts seemingly lacking the action the actor wanted. Yet, the studio may have finally struck gold with its most recent attempt.

As of last November, Blade is being rewritten by Logan writer Michael Green. This suggests a much grittier and more grounded tone for the movie than previous reports. The budget for the project has also been slashed to less than $100 million, miraculously cheap compared to similar comic book movie projects.

While fans have worried this shrunken budget and scope could hurt the project, it may actually be a good thing. A smaller budget means less money Blade has to make at the box office to be a success, potentially securing a future for Mahershala Ali in the MCU. Though given the project’s track record, don’t be surprised if Marvel Studios snatches defeat from the hands of victory!

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