Hoppy Sparkling Waters : Hoplark

Non-alcoholic beverage brand Hoplark launched two new sparkling water flavors that showcase hops in a new light. Vanilla Bean + Simcoe Hops and Lemongrass + Lemondrop Hops offer two new ways to enjoy hops in the non-alcoholic space and in a convenient, ready-to-drink format that doesn’t compromise on great taste, providing “water with the hoppiness of a beer.”

“We’re not just expanding our product line; we’re redefining the possibilities of beverages brewed with hops,” says CEO Betsy Frost, “Our goal is to provide options that have a complexity with them to the simplest of ingredients.” Hoplark’s newest sparkling water varieties were created in response to consumers asking for more permanent additions to the brand’s lineup that cater to different drinking occasions.

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