Has Aaron Taylor-Johnson Actually Been Cast As James Bond?

Is Aaron Taylor-Johnson the next James Bond? A new report suggests he hasn’t been cast as the iconic 007. At least… not yet!

The past few days have seen a swell of rumors that Aaron Taylor-Johnson has been cast as the next James Bond. These stem back to reports late last year that the Avengers actor had done a screen test for the role. Once that report broke, everyone seemed to get behind the Johnson train, with even Chris Evans voicing support for him to get the part!

However, it seems the rumors are just rumors for now. A new report by The Sun suggests that Aaron Taylor-Johnson has not been cast as James Bond. However, a contract for the deal was sent out to the actor on March 18, and it’s likely he’ll sign imminently — if the reports are true, that is.

The James Bond Actors That Never Were

It’s a relief that Aaron Taylor-Johnson, who’s far and away been who fans want the most for the role, seems to be getting the part of 007. However, he wasn’t the only actor championed to play the next James Bond, some of which got a much less warm reception from the community.

Perhaps the biggest name tossed into the ring to play James Bond was Idris Elba. He’s one of the most iconic British actors who never played the role, and his casting would have been the first time a black actor played Bond. However, Elba was turned away from any prospect of playing the role due to the racist comments he received just from the concept being floated on the internet.

Tom Holland was also potentially going to play James Bond, only not as a replacement for Daniel Craig. Back in 2022, the actor revealed he pitched a film to Sony that would serve as an origin story for the iconic 007. While the movie never came to fruition, it did spark conversations that led to him playing Nathan Drake in the Uncharted film.

Whether it be Aaron Taylor-Johnson or someone else, it’s clear that James Bond is in good hands with the Bond Estate. With actors as big as Tom Holland interested in the role, it’s clear it’s no time for the franchise to die!

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