Exciting Culinary Competitions : Culinary Competitions

RC Show 2024, Canada’s premier hospitality and food service expo, returns with an array of new culinary competitions, including the Fried Chicken Sandwich Competition, the RC Pizza Competition, the National Coffee Championships, the Garland Canada Culinary Competition, and the Oyster Shucking Competition.

The Fried Chicken Sandwich Competition, presented by Chicken Farmers of Canada, ClubHouse for Chefs, Premium Foods, Direct Poultry, and Quell, promises innovative recipes and creative presentations. The RC Pizza Competition, presented by Restaurants Canada, Ardent Mills, Lactalis Canada Foodservice, and Dole, seeks to crown Canada’s top pizza talent, with traditional and creative categories. Additionally, the National Coffee Championships, organized by the Canadian Chapter of the Speciality Coffee Association, Restaurants Canada, and Dairy Farmers of Canada, features three caffeine-inspired events, with winners advancing to the World Championships in Copenhagen. The Garland Canada Culinary Competition, sponsored by Restaurants Canada and Garland Canada, returns live with semi-finals and finals showcasing top culinary talent transforming classic childhood dishes. Finally, the John Bil Oyster Shucking Competition, hosted by the Oyster Guild, Raspberry Point Oysters, Chef Charlotte Langley, and Shucker Paddy, promises a thrilling display of precision and speed.

Set to take place at Toronto’s Enercare Centre from April 8-10, 2024, the RC Show 2024 promises to showcase trend-forward solutions and culinary innovations under the theme ‘LEVEL-UP.’

Image Credit: Restaurants Canada

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