Elvish Yadav vs Maxtern: Memes ‘Win’ the Show As Internet’s Hottest Controversy Wraps Up

Elvish Yadav vs Maxtern: Memes 'Win' the Show As Internet's Hottest Controversy Wraps Up (Photo Credits: X)

Elvish Yadav vs Maxtern: Memes ‘Win’ the Show As Internet’s Hottest Controversy Wraps Up (Photo Credits: X)

Elvish Yadav vs. Maxtern memes steal the spotlight as internet’s viral ‘kalesh’ comes to an end. Here’s the ordeal.

The internet’s buzz has been singularly fixated on the clash between Elvish Yadav and Maxtern ever since their physical altercation went viral, attracting a swarm of trolls and spectators. With factions emerging, some rallying behind the Bigg Boss OTT 2 winner, including actress Anjali Arora, while others vociferously demand Elvish’s arrest for the alleged assault on Maxtern, the conversation has become a social media spectacle, dominated by a flurry of memes.

From jests aimed at Anjali Arora’s alliance with Elvish to humorous jabs at the overwhelming focus on the “kalesh” (commotion), the meme fest showcased the full spectrum of reactions.

The feud between reality star Elvish Yadav and YouTuber Maxtern, alias Sagar Thakur, reached epic proportions. The video depicted Elvish, flanked by his companions, confronting Thakur with a series of blows before the situation escalated into a full-blown scuffle. Maxtern, on his part, took to social media to accuse Elvish of making death threats, promising to unveil the full story the following day. “Bhaisaab, jaan se maarne ki dhamki de gaye hain. Main toh akela tha. Elvish bhai saath mein bahut saare bande laaye the. Toh iske main full video subah daaltu hu acche se. Sab dekhna kya hua. Hamare pass bhi recording hai. Main toh theek hu bas yahan (lip) par chot aaye hai. Yeh bhi 8 logo se ladne ke baad aaye hai,” he asserted.

Amidst allegations of premeditation and counter-accusations of harassment and threats, the “kalesh” unfolded.

In a bid to present his side, Elvish hosted a live session, claiming the incident was planned by Thakur, who allegedly installed covert recording devices.

The video begins with Elvish stressing the importance of hearing the “other side of the story” and urging viewers to watch until the end. He claimed Thakur had been harassing him for the past eight months by posting negative content and even threatened to harm him and his family, leading to heated altercations.

Maxtern escalated matters by filing an FIR, alleging attempted murder and spinal injury threats, to which Elvish responded defiantly, challenging the credibility of such claims. Reacting to the accusations, Elvish Yadav said, “Spine can’t be broken like that. Yes, I threatened him but it was in a fit of rage. I could also file an FIR against him but I did not do that.”

As tensions escalated, Gurugram Police stepped in, summoning Elvish for questioning. However, before official proceedings could commence, a surprising turn of events unfolded in a live video. Elvish, Thakur, and mediator Rajat Dalal appeared together, resolving their differences and opting for a fresh start. Thakur revealed being manipulated by another YouTuber, leading to a momentary lapse in judgement.

“There was a miscommunication; someone tried to instigate me against Elvish Bhai. I don’t want to take that person’s name here, but I have told everything to Elvish bhai.”

The resolution, unexpected yet welcomed, didn’t escape the notice of meme creators, who promptly churned out humorous takes on such a swift conclusion to the heated dispute.

In a symbolic gesture of reconciliation, Elvish shared a picture with Sagar, accompanied by a caption emphasising unity. “Ek Ghar Mai Bartan Hote Hai Bajege toh sahi. Bhaichara On Top,” it read. He also vowed to refrain from further entanglements with Sagar, having identified the alleged mastermind behind the feud.

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