Blue Algae Bottled Lemonades : Blue Magic lemonade

JuiceLand just debuted a whole lineup of new bottled drink options in tasty flavors like Blue Magic lemonade and Strawberry Dragonfruit lemonade.

JuiceLand is a growing plant-based juice, smoothie, and wellness company, but now the brand is about to become your summertime lemonade destination. The brand recently added two new 16-ounce bottled lemonade options, as well as a new Cucumber Mint lemonade option. The bottled lemonades come in a Blue Magic lemonade flavor, which is made up of lemon, agave, superfood algae blue magic, and purified water, and a Strawberry Dragonfruit lemonade flavor made from agave, lemon, and strawberry, dragonfruit. These new releases mark the first time the brand has released 16-ounce bottle servings.

All three of the new lemonades make for a perfect grab-and-go option to accompany JuiceLand’s many plant-based meal options.

Image Credit: JuiceLand

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