At-Home Bubble Waffle Kits : bubble waffle mix

The Bubble waffle mix from V&H Corporation is a ready-to-use mix designed for creating the original Bubble waffles, also known as egg waffles. This mix is crafted to deliver authentic taste and texture, ensuring a consistent product with each batch. The preparation process is straightforward, requiring only the addition of water to the mix. After a brief mixing period, the batter is ready for baking, making it a convenient option for both commercial and home use. The mix is made from scratch in Belgium, which is known for its rich waffle-making tradition, to guarantee authenticity.

This Belgian bubble waffle mix is offered in various quantities to accommodate different needs. A standard package contains 20kg of mix, divided into two 10kg bags, which can yield approximately 18 pieces per kilogram of mix. The product is priced at €84.50 excluding taxes for a 20kg order of two 10kg bags. For larger operations, bulk options such as 40kg and 60kg packages are available at discounted rates. V&H Corporation ships this product directly from Belgium to locations worldwide, with shipping options by road, air, and ocean, ensuring that customers can receive their orders regardless of their global location.

Image Credit: V&H Corporation

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