Artist-Honoring Special Turntables : BOB MARLEY: ONE LOVE

Audio imprint House of Marley has been a strong force in the industry when it comes to honoring Bob Marley’s legacy in sustainable ways and with the upcoming BOB MARLEY: ONE LOVE biopic, the company is releasing another special product. This aligned with the forthcoming project as the brand is creating a special-edition turntable to honor the film and the artist’s life. It is a special iteration of the Stir it Up Wireless turntable and is limited to only 250 units. The product is made from bamboo plinth and each one is carefully etched with a number.

Ziggy Marley speaks about the collaboration, stating “Audiences will witness an intimate portrayal of my father’s life—an inspiring journey of overcoming adversity and the creation of his revolutionary music. It’s a rare opportunity to gain insight into Bob Marley’s creative genius. House of Marley’s Limited Edition turntable echoes Bob’s principles, creating a haven for fans to immerse themselves in an album from start to finish. It becomes a tangible extension of Bob Marley’s journey, seamlessly complementing the cinematic exploration. Once you listen to vinyl, the quality and warmth you feel is a totally different experience.”

Image Credit: House of Marley, hypebeast, thehouseofmarley

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