Alana Thompson Threatens to Sue Mama for STEALING From Her

It has sadly come to this for June Shannon and her children.

Following years of estrangement, during which the reality star neglected her kids in order to spend time with a shady boyfriend and in order to do a lot of drugs, Shannon appeared to make up with daughters Lauryn and Alana a short time ago.

But such a reconciliation is now over.

And it’s all because Shannon may very well be a thief.

Alana Thompson confessional photo
Alana Thompson talks here to the camera on her mom’s reality show. (WeTV)

As previously documented on this season of Mama June: Family Crisis, the 44-year old has refused to help Alana pay for college.

Citing some concept of tough love, June told her youngest on an episode that aired earlier this month:

“If I didn’t give a f-ck about you and I didn’t care about you succeeding and doing the things you want to do, I wouldn’t be saying this.”

We have no idea what sort of parent relays that message or thinks in that kind of way when it comes to assisting with tuition.

But we’re just quoting Mama June here.

June Shannon on television
June Shannon speaks to the camera in this scene from her reality show. (Image Credit: TLC)

Alana said on air that she didn’t expect any help from her selfish parent, but made certain comments that expressed an understandable bitterness.

For example:

“Maybe she thinks that paying for [her husband] Justin’s chains or something is more important than giving it to me for college.”

Shade properly hurled, we’d say.

June Shannon on TV
June Shannon speaks to the camera in this scene from her reality show. (Image Credit: WEtv)

Now, however, we’ve learned that this issue runs far deeper than June just wanting to horde her own cash.


On Friday’s installment of Mama June: Family Crisis, Mama June revealed that she had taken money from Alana’s Coogan account — a trust where parents of child stars are legally required to deposit a percentage of their earnings — while discussing her plans for college in Colorado.

Alana finally snapped upon finding this out, too.

“Mama’s really pissing me off because she’s trying to make everything about her damn self and it’s like where’s my money?” she said via a confessional.

“I’m gonna get the truth out of Mama and I will find out where my money is. Mama is not getting a slap on the wrist for this one.”

Alana Thompson admits to the camera that she will put her mother “in jail” if necessary. (Image Credit: WEtv)

Heck, even June’s husband, Justin, was taken far aback by this revelation.

“Honestly, I was really hurt because I thought me and June was supposed to be able to tell each other everything and if she knew that it was gonna blow up like this, she should have told me about it,” he explained on the episode.

And daughter Lauryn?

“I honestly did not think she could stoop that low,” she said of the act.

June Shannon in Lots of Tears
June Shannon has had a rough couple years. She’s shedding some tears here. (Image Credit: WEtv)

Alana eventually broke down in tears after realizing she didn’t know how she’s going to pay for her college education, addressing her mom as follows:

“You don’t really give a f-ck that you took our money, that’s the real problem here. That’s the problem.”

When the kids challenged their mother about what happened to the money in this special, she admitted she took 80 percent and left 20 percent for Alana, prompting Lauryn to say:

“I don’t get what you were even paying for, other than drugs.”

Mama June Shannon argues with family.
According to Mama June Shannon, she did not “steal” from family. Not everyone in her family agrees. (Image Credit: WEtv)

In a subsequent confessional, Alana threatened to take Mama June to “court” because “something’s gonna happen because you ain’t fitting to just get away with stealing my money, baby.”

As it turns out, unless something changes, Alana did not sue her mother.

This episode was filmed months ago.

In positive news, we can confirm she is studying nursing in Colorado — and she has said she received a $21,000 scholarship!

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