Age-Combating Skincare Lines : nuxe

Nuxe, a popular cosmetics brand, has launched a new skincare range for travel retail. Named the Nuxuriance Ultra’s Alfa [3R] skincare line, this collection of products utilizes the brand’s iconic formulations and sustainable production methods to reduce signs of aging, similar to retinol products.

The collection’s proprietary formula includes Alfafa seed extract and hemerocallis fulva, an orange day-lily. Together, these inclusions plump, smooth, and reduce wrinkles and imperfections for younger-looking skin.

Notably, the new skincare line features minimal cardboard and plastic, reflecting the brand’s dedication to packaging its products sustainably. The collection includes the Global Anti-Aging Cream, the Global Anti-Aging Night Cream, Targeted Eye and Lip Contour Cream, and the Dark Spot Correcting Serum.

“With Nuxuriance Utra’s Alfa [3R] formulation, which is revolutionising the anti-ageing market, our users can enjoy these results after just a few weeks of application,” said Caroline Goix, Nuxe Travel Retail Global Sales & Marketing Manager.

Image Credit: Nuxe

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