Zesty Ginger Pretzel Bites : Triple Ginger Pretzels

If you’re the kind of person who pops ginger candies by the handful, you’ll definitely want to check out Trader Joe’s Triple Ginger Pretzels.

Designed for diehard ginger lovers, the new Triple Ginger Pretzels offer the spicy kick of ginger, along with the saltiness of pretzels. Each piece consists of tiny little pretzels coated in a sweet, ginger-infused candy coating. The second dash of ginger comes from the addition of crystallized ginger pieces, while a topping of crushed Trader Joe’s Triple Ginger Snaps makes the candies a triple ginger threat. The end result is a sweet, salty, and spicy flavor combination with a blend of crunchy, chewy, and smooth textures. In other words, these new Triple Ginger Pretzels have it all.

Image Credit: Trader Joe’s

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