Woman Cancels Non-refundable Tickets To Spain As Revenge Against Cheating Boyfriend

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The woman cancelled the 5-star luxurious vacation to Lanzarote.

The woman cancelled the 5-star luxurious vacation to Lanzarote.

The man, who was in the military at the time broke up with the girlfriend out of the blue, which the woman found to be off and had no prior warning about.

Making the saying, “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” come true, is a woman who sought the best revenge from her cheating ex-boyfriend. The internet hailed the gutted girlfriend for her “evil” plans which she hatched on her ex-beau by cancelling a five-star romantic holiday to Lanzarote, Spain.

A woman anonymously wrote under the Girls Overheard podcast, about her friend and explained her revenge story. The commenter shared that last year, her friend’s boyfriend broke up with her out of the blue over the phone. The guy was in the military and was away at the time. The woman found this to be “really odd and had no prior warning that he wasn’t happy”, but she did not read much into the situation and accepted what he wanted.

But things took a turn after two weeks post-breakup. He shared that he would pay her money back for the vacation and instead take his mother. Once again, she thought nothing of it because, he was quite shy and reserved, so he did not raise much suspicion. It was the arrival of a letter from a travel and tourism company with details of the name change, which to her surprise, was not the name of her ex-boyfriend’s mother, but a name that she did not recognise.

It turned out that this shy beau had a secret Tinder account and had an affair for months while he was in a relationship with the commenter’s friend. While this left her enraged, she decided that revenge is a dish best-served cold and hence, logged onto the travel website using his credentials and cancelled the “non-refundable” trip a day before the holiday. At that time, he was driving the girl he was having an affair with from the south of England to Scotland to depart from Glasgow the next day.

While the social media loved the revenge plan, a few pointed out that the scorned woman did not go far enough to exact her vengeance. One called it “the most satisfying revenge story”, while another came up with a devilish plan stating that they would have changed his name too to their friend’s and would have waved them from the plane.

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