Watch: Kids Ride Scooter On A Busy Road And Cause Accident, Get Slapped By Passerby

Last Updated: March 19, 2024, 18:36 IST

The boys are being slammed for their risky stunt. (Photo Credits: Instagram)

The boys are being slammed for their risky stunt. (Photo Credits: Instagram)

A video is going viral on social media that shows three minor boys riding a scooter while manoeuvering risky stunts on a busy road.

The practice of individuals below the age of 18 driving scooters and cars has become quite common in the present time. Despite authorities as well as the traffic police urging citizens to follow proper road norms, there seems to be no end to such practices. In one such incident recently going viral on social media, three underage minors were seen riding a scooter while performing dangerous manoeuvres on the road.

As the video plays, the minors can be seen speeding through a turn, cutting across the scooter lane, leaving other riders on the lane quite shocked. While one of the riders managed to avoid an accident by swerving away, it was indeed a close call.

Unaffected by the risk factor, the kids continued moving forward on their scooter without any hesitation. While the rider who almost caused an accident continued to follow them, after a short distance, they were stopped mid-way. The video proceeds to show the two kids in the back running away while the rider receives a slap from one of their fellow riders on the road.

Many others also gathered on the spot, watching the heated situation.


The video was shared on Instagram almost a week back with the following caption that reads, “Just for fun.”

Many also took to the comment section and added reactions to the entire situation. While some criticised the man for hitting the minor kid, some were also seen laughing over how the rider’s two friends ran away from the spot.

A user wrote, Good, these kids need lesson,” while another one commented, “Inform their parents or police, u have no rights to beat them.”

“Of all the people those kids drove better even kept to their side as much. OfC They were minors and not wearing helmets however these people needs to be charged with child abuse for harming them,” another one wrote.

“True friendship,” a fourth one wrote with laughing emojis, while a fifth one commented, “This is the example don’t trust your friends.”

The video has so far gained over 7 million views followed by more than 4,00,000 likes and several comments.

Man rides bike with seven minors

Earlier in 2023, another video went viral where a biker was seen carrying seven minor kids on a motorcycle, putting their lives at great risk. A video of the same was shared widely across social media, grabbing the attention of the Mumbai Police.

A case was filed in this regard and the offender was also arrested.

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