War Plane-Inspired Off-Grid Homes : monocoque cabin

Peter Markos designed the Monocoque Cabin, which is a small home directly inspired by a World War II airplane. The unique structure is crafted with the help of prefabrication expert BlokBuild and engineers at Price & Myers. The house is influenced by the WWII de Havilland Mosquito monocoque shape — a lighter plane. The cabin is made from different timber materials to create a close visual connection. The use of timber was selected because of how it ages, greying gracefully overtime.

Markos explains, “The concept of the Monocoque Cabin originated from a fascination with aerospace and automotive construction techniques known for their efficient use of material. This led to the question: Why not integrate such methods into the built environment? Monocoques are structural systems in which loads are supported by an object’s external skin, creating a stiff, strong, light structure similar to an ‘eggshell’. These are structures often used in aerospace and automotive design.”

Image Credit: Peter Markos

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