Video Of Tourist Travelling ‘Peacefully’ In Mumbai Local Is Trending

Last Updated: March 26, 2024, 18:54 IST

Have you ever experienced travelling on the Mumbai local train? (Photo Credits: Instagram)

Have you ever experienced travelling on the Mumbai local train? (Photo Credits: Instagram)

The video depicts a scene where a group of people forcefully enters the train, some even boarding mere moments before it comes to a complete stop.

Travelling via Mumbai local train is an integral experience for visitors in the financial capital. One thing that never changes is the crowd. With the biggest rail network, the Mumbai local is the busiest train in all of India. Even with the high frequency of the trains, during peak business hours, the trains are usually packed, and you may even see individuals hanging from the footboard. That being said, how does all of this look to a foreigner?

A tourist posted a video on Instagram, providing us with visuals of the crowd. The video starts with a girl standing at the train door. The overlaid text reads, “When you start thinking Mumbai trains are peaceful.” The video pauses to change the overlaying text to “But then..” to indicate the transition. It then shows swarms of people barging into the train, even a few seconds before it actually halts.

The caption accompanying the video read, “Am I the only one who enjoys chaos?”

The video has over 5,000 views on the social media platform. Many complimented her for attempting this local experience in the comments section.

A user wrote, “So now you are fully local.”

Another user said, “Enjoy the ride. Safe travels.”

Mumbai locals are not just known for their crowds; there are various other occurrences as well. Recently, a video surfaced online of a girl performing to Bhojpuri music aboard a moving train coach on a Mumbai local.

The video shows the girl, who is clad in a black crop top and skirt, standing up from her seat and dancing. Her act captivates the attention of all those travelling on the train. Some individuals may also be seen covering their faces with bags as if they feel uncomfortable being filmed.

The incident caught the attention of railway authorities, prompting the Mumbai Railway Police Commissionerate to instruct the Central Railway Security Department to investigate and take appropriate action.

The woman’s actions received criticism from several people, who deemed her dance a nuisance for other commuters.

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