This Video Of Street Food Vendor Feeding Customer Screams Bromance From Miles Away

Last Updated: March 24, 2024, 16:00 IST

“Only this can fix my mental health issues,” a user said. (Image Credits: Instagram/@awaraajayy)

“Only this can fix my mental health issues,” a user said. (Image Credits: Instagram/@awaraajayy)

A funny video surfaced on the internet that featured an over caring street food vendor.

Street food is a guilty pleasure for most foodies. But it is rare to come across vendors who invest time and effort in their customers. For most, it is about their daily sales and profits. Recently, a funny video surfaced on the internet that features an overly caring street food vendor. The viral video plays on words to create humour and it has surely left netizens laughing out loud. Posted by content creator Ajay, the video starts off like any other food vlog, but the plot twist comes in when the food is served.

In the video, the customer, like anyone else, walks up to the street vendor selling Chole Kulcha. Placing his order, he says, “Bhaiya, ek plate chole kulche khilana.” However, it is this dialogue that leads to the funny twist in this reel. The vendor, who seems engrossed in his business says, “Baitho khilata hu.” The clip then cuts to the customer and Chole Kulche vendor seated beneath the tree. The vendor feeds the consumer with his own hands and asks sincerely, “Kaise bane?” “Theek bann rheh? (How is it? Ok?)” The customer also answers positively

The vendor further inquired, “Raita lau? (Should I get raita?)”

The text embedded on the video reads, “Man of his words.” The viral video posted earlier this month has received over 18.8 million views. Many people reacted to the funny reel.

Some stated that the clip was not what they could imagine. A user said, “I was not expecting that,” while another sarcastically said, “Bhai didn’t expect this. Nearly fell off my chair.” Some jokingly stated, “Bhaiya took it very seriously,” “Word to word”

Many netizens commented that this was funny and adorable at the same time, “Why is this so wholesome,” said a user. Another quipped, “Only this can fix my mental health issues.” A user simply stated, “This is so cute.”

Several praised the vendor for his caring attitude and said, “Bhaiya has no enemies,” “Bhaiya is very dildaar.” Appreciating his behaviour some people pointed out, “Aisi service to ghar pe bhi nahi milti.” A person stated, given this kind of gesture, “Me to roz khau idhr.” Another joked, “Kash sab ase jubaan ke pakke hote.”

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