This City Has The Worst Traffic Congestion In India, Ranks 2nd Globally

Not Mumbai, This City Has The Worst Traffic Congestion In India

The report was based on data from over 600 million in-car navigation systems and smartphones

New Delhi:

The UK capital London was the slowest city to drive through 2023 in the world, with an average speed of 14 kmph in rush hour, a report said. Two Indian cities, Bengaluru and Pune, were also on the list of cities with the worst traffic, the report by the Amsterdam-based location technology specialist TomTom showed.

The TomTom Traffic Index evaluated 387 cities across 55 countries on six continents by their average travel time, fuel costs, and CO2 emissions. It was based on data from over 600 million in-car navigation systems and smartphones.

For each city, TomTom calculated the average travel time per kilometer from the time it took to cover the millions of kilometers driven across the entire network in the year 2023.

Bengaluru, Pune Among Cities With Worst Traffic

Bengaluru (6) and Pune (7) were the two Indian cities that were named among the world’s ten worst traffic-hit cities in 2023.

In Bengaluru, the average travel time per 10 km in 2023 was 28 minutes 10 seconds, while in Pune, it was 27 minutes 50 seconds, the TomTom report said.

Bengaluru, the IT capital of India, was also named the second most congested city in 2023 after Ireland’s capital Dublin. 

The worst day to travel through Bengaluru last year was September 27, when the average travel time to drive 10 km was recorded at 32 minutes.

In Pune, which was the sixth most congested city last year, it was September 8, when it took about 34 minutes to cover a distance of 10 km.

Delhi, Mumbai Also Hit By Traffic

Delhi (44) and Mumbai (52) were also on the TomTom Traffic Index.

In Delhi, on average, it took 21 minutes 40 seconds to drive 10 km in 2023, and 21 minutes 20 seconds in Mumbai, the report showed.

London, Dublin, Toronto Worst Traffic-Hit Cities

London, with an average travel time per 10 km of 37 minutes, was the city worst affected by traffic in 2023, according to the TomTom report.

Dublin had an average travel time per 10 km of 29 minutes 30 seconds last year and was ranked second on the list, while Toronto in Canada, where it took 29 minutes to travel 10 km, was named third.

In London and Dublin, travel times for around a 9-km journey increased by +1 minute compared to 2022, the report said.

Average Speed Decreased In 2023

In 2023, the average speed decreased in 228 of the 387 cities analyzed in the traffic index, compared to 2022, TomTom said.

As many as 82 cities saw their average speed remain unchanged, while 77 cities had a higher average speed and shorter journey times than 2022.

In more than 60% of 351 cities where TomTom aggregated fuel prices, the average budget in fuel increased by 15% or more between 2021 and 2023.

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