The Last of Us Part 1 PS5 Review: Absolutely Gorgeous, but Overpriced

The Last of Us Part I — out Friday on PlayStation 5 — is a retroactive change of name, akin to what George Lucas did back in the day with his first Star Wars movie. What is now known as Episode IV – A New Hope was released simply as Star Wars in 1977. And just as Lucas did with Episode IV, and its sequels and prequels — repeatedly toying with them over the years, before he sold his Lucasfilm empire to Disney — Naughty Dog is tinkering with The Last of Us, first released on the PS3 in 2013. This isn’t even the first time, as the award-winning post-apocalyptic survival horror title got a PS4 remaster in 2014. But The Last of Us Part 1 is a much more extensive undertaking, with Naughty Dog terming it a “rebuilding” from the ground-up. It’s Lucas on steroids, essentially.

And boy, does it look good. The Last of Us Part I now looks, feels, and moves like its 2020 sequel, Part II. (The latter doesn’t have a native PS5 version as yet — it was the last Sony exclusive on the PS4, before the launch of the PS5 — but it plays much better on the next-gen console thanks to mini-updates.) With Part 1 on the PS5, there’s more detail in faces, textures, and everything else around you. And like Part II, The Last of Us Part I now makes use of the DualSense, adding to the scare and eeriness of its zombie-infested world.

If you’re coming off Part 2 though, Part 1 won’t wow you, more so if you played the former on a PS5. But there is a night and day difference here, something you can only realise when put the original and the remake side by side. As I did. Loading up The Last of Us Remastered on a PS4 Pro — I didn’t have a PS3 and The Last of Us disc to truly send myself back to 2013 — I discovered that the environments, their lighting, and the shadows seem rudimentary in comparison. And that’s saying something, considering the PS4 Pro Remastered variant claimed to offer “high-quality shadows” at 4K resolution. I can’t even imagine how much worse The Last of Us must look on the PS3.

The Last of Us Part 1 on the PS5 makes it seem like the PS3 era was 20 years ago. It’s crazy how far video games have come in the last nine years. (To be fair, the PS3 was on its last legs when The Last of Us released in 2013.)

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