‘The Boys’ Season 4 Posters Reveal Return Of A Dead Fan-Favorite

The Boys is starting its hype train for season 4! A new set of posters reveals one dead supe may be making their return.

CCXP Mexico, one of the biggest comic-con experiences in Latin America, is taking place in just a few weeks. Among the event’s esteemed line-up of guests are members of The Boys cast. To celebrate its freshman outing at the expo, the show’s social media accounts revealed new illustrated posters for season 4.

The posters highlight almost every member of season 4’s main cast. This includes Butcher, Homelander, Hughie, and every other member of the titular The Boys group. However, the posters also reveal the surprise return of Black Noir to The Seven.

Black Noir’s return in season 4 may come as a shock to the fans of The Boys. After all, the character was killed by Soldier Boy in one of the most iconic moments from the last season. This has left some fans scratching their head as to how he could return, especially within a capacity large enough to warrant being on one of the main posters for the season.

Who’s Under Black Noir’s Mask?

Given Black Noir wears a mask and doesn’t speak, there are a lot of directions The Boys could take regarding his return in season 4. It could truly be anyone under that suit, especially given Vought’s propensity for lying and manipulating the narrative. Though choosing to put the character on the poster with the rest of The Seven does imply he’s a supe of some form.

Some fans speculate that these posters tease one of the comic’s most controversial reveals. At the end of the original run of The Boys, it’s revealed that Black Noir is actually an evil clone of Homelander. However, given fans have witnessed Homelander’s descent into madness firsthand in the show, it’s unlikely this is the direction the Boys team will take for season 4.

However, The Boys showrunner already revealed the truth about Black Noir’s role in season 4 all the way back in 2020. During an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Eric Kripke revealed that Nathan Mitchell, the actor who played Black Noir in every scene with his mask on for the first three seasons, will also be playing a new character to take up the mantle. Though who exactly this “Black Noir 2” is remains a mystery.

The Boys season 4 is set to premiere June 13 on Amazon Prime Video. Stay tuned for the latest news surrounding the series and make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more content!

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