‘Sister Wives’ Star Speaks On Split Rumors

Is Mykelti Brown getting a divorce? Are she and husband Tony Padron donezo?

That’s the question Sister Wives fans are asking as rumors swirl about their marital status.

Given everything the family has been through lately following the death of poor Garrison Brown, a broken marriage feels like the last thing anyone would want to see.

So what’s the situation? We’ll let Mykelti speak for herself!

Mykelti Brown on Sister Wives
Mykelti Brown addresses the camera in this Sister Wives confessional. (TLC)

Why Fans Think Mykelti Brown Divorced Her Husband

Mykelti and hubby Tony have been married for seven years. With a love that has lasted that long, fans are always thrilled to see when the pair post photos of each other on social media.

But they were also quick to notice Tony’s absence from Mykelti’s feed over the last few weeks.

Specifically, fans picked up on the fact that Tony hadn’t appeared in any of her social media posts since Valentine’s Day.

Weird? Sure. But cause for outrage and jumping to the conclusion that their marriage is over? Not at all.

It took some time for Mykelti to address the rumor, given that she has spent the last few weeks mourning the the death of her half-brother, Garrison Brown.

Still, on Sunday March 24, she was ready to put the record straight.

Mykelti Brown Slams Rumors: Stop Assuming!

“I’M STILL MARRIED PEOPLE!!!” Mykelti wrote via her Instagram Stories alongside a photo of her and her husband enjoying lunch together.

Then she shared a plea with her fans who were bombarding her with questions.

“Stop assuming just because he’s not in EVERY. SINGLE. POST. that he’s not mine.”

Message received, and hopefully, this encouraged people to back off to give Mykelti and her young family time to grieve.

While the mom of three maybe hasn’t been posting about her husband, she has been sharing tributes to her late half-brother. Mykelti and Garrison shared a father, Sister Wives star Kody Brown. However, they have different mothers; Garrison’s mom is Janelle and Mykelti’s mom is Christine.

In one of her posts dedicated to Garrison, she spoke about her connection to him.

“My heart breaks for my brother who’s no longer with us but it rejoices knowing he’s with his fellow warriors in Valhalla drinking and fighting with Odin,” Mykelti alongside a photo of Garrison smiling next to her daughter, Avalon.

“I hope he is loving his place amongst the stars. Garrison was always the funniest person in the room. He was one cool dude.”

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