Move Over Dahi Vada, ‘Gulab Jamun Chaat’ is Here to Dampen Your ‘Sweet’ Spirits This Holi

Move Over Dahi Vada, 'Gulab Jamun Chaat' is Here to Dampen Your 'Sweet' Spirits This Holi (Photo Credits: X)

Move Over Dahi Vada, ‘Gulab Jamun Chaat’ is Here to Dampen Your ‘Sweet’ Spirits This Holi (Photo Credits: X)

‘Gulab Jamun Chaat’ is here to ruin it all for Desi foodies this Holi and internet just can’t see that happening to their classic sweet.

Sweets hold a special place in the heart of every Indian, and Holi provides the perfect excuse to savour these delights with gusto. The streets come alive with the aroma of freshly made sweets, as vendors display their colourful creations, enticing passersby with the promise of sugary delights. From timeless favourites like Gujiya and Jalebi to Ghevar, this is a time when worries about calories are set aside, and the focus shifts to how many varieties of sweets one can relish without a hint of guilt.

However, when a few adventurous souls attempt to reimagine these classics by adding peculiar elements, it’s not always a hit among Desi foodies. This was the case when a video featuring ‘Gulab Jamun Chaat’ surfaced online, leaving everyone utterly repulsed.

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This peculiar combination featured the traditional Dahi Vada dressing but with a twist—the soft Vadas were swapped with Gulab Jamuns. As the dish took shape with four Gulab Jamuns placed on a plate, followed by tamarind and green chutneys, generous dollops of curd, and topped with Papdi and Sev, it caused a stir, receiving an immediate thumbs down from spectators.

After all, who wants to see their two distinct favourites collide in such an unexpected manner?

Adding to the culinary dismay, Gulab Jamun was integrated into yet another dish, resulting in a rather unappetising creation. In a circulating video, one can observe the preparation of this bizarre combo: Gulab Jamun Pizza. The process involves rolling out dough and spreading sugar syrup in place of the usual sauce. Gulab Jamun pieces are then placed on top, followed by cheese. The pizza is baked in the oven, and upon completion, more Gulab Jamuns are added on top, completing the perplexing dish and leaving everyone equally disgusted.

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Sorry not sorry for bursting your bubble, but we had to dish out these culinary mishaps going on in the markets. Happy Holi, and may your celebrations be as delightful as a well-made sweet!

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