Matthew Vaughn ‘Would Consider’ Directing Milly Alcock’s ‘Supergirl’ Movie

DC is currently on the hunt for a director to work on Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow. However, it seems Matthew Vaughn is willing to throw his hat into the ring because of Milly Alcock’s Kara Zor-El casting.

Matthew Vaughn is one of the most imaginative action directors of the modern day, as seen from his work on Kingsman and Kick-Ass. Fans from across the internet have been begging for him to direct a DC project, but now it seems they may get their wish, as he recently said he’d consider directing Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow thanks to Milly Alcock’s acting prowess.

“I’m a huge fan of Milly Alcock. Huge fan. Met with her for this other project we’re working on — she turned me down, which was sad. She’s a fabulous actress,” Vaughn told the BroBible podcast. “Then again, I do find it very weird that they haven’t got a director. That surprised me, because you shouldn’t cast a movie  the director should be casting the movie. I don’t understand who cast it if there isn’t a director.”

“No [I’m not pleading the fifth]. I was asked about doing The Flash way back, but I said I’d only do it if I could recast — if I’m directing my own superhero film, I want my own, new superhero,” he continued. “But, Milly Alcock, I probably would have put forward for it if I was directing… so I haven’t considered it. Never say never. I’m a big fan of James Gunn and Peter Safran, so yeah, I would consider it.”

Matthew Vaughn has also spoken to DC Studios in the past about directing a film for their new universe, so this may very well be the perfect fit. Regardless of who ends up directing, it’s clear Alcock is on her way to super-stardom.

Who Is Superman: Woman of Tomorrow writer Ana Nogueira?

As Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow begins to take shape under Ana Nogueira’s pen, the project is still in its early stages, with several key components yet to be finalized. The film does not have a director attached, nor has a release date been set, reflecting the recent closure of Nogueira’s deal.

Ana Nogueira may be familiar to readers from her acting stints on The Vampire DiariesThe Michael J. Fox Show and The Blacklist. Beyond her acting achievements, Nogueira has also carved out a successful career in writing. Her play Which Way to the Stage made its off-Broadway debut in 2022. She is also involved in adapting the short story Mothers, Lock Up Your Daughters for Warner Bros. and 21 Laps.

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