Love Views From Airplane? This ‘Out Of The World’ Video Is A Must-Watch

Last Updated: March 20, 2024, 17:34 IST

The video was taken by a professional photographer. (Photo Credits: Instagram)

The video was taken by a professional photographer. (Photo Credits: Instagram)

The mesmerising view was captured on a flight to Faro, Portugal.

Since the invention of the first camera phone, technology has made remarkable strides. Today, phone cameras boast quality and features nearly on par with stand-alone DSLR cameras. Recently, a photographer, Robbie Khan, shared a video that was taken from an airplane’s window using a phone camera. The video seamlessly zooms in on an operating windmill below, then effortlessly zooms out, soaring hundreds of feet above the ground. The clip captures mountain tops and clouds with exceptional clarity and quality.

While sharing this video on Instagram, Robbie Khan wrote that he took the video while he was on the flight to Faro, Portugal. After his video went viral across social media platforms, he added a note to the video’s caption that read, “Many have asked why the dirt in the glass is visible suddenly around 10s in, this is how optics works in scners lenses. Whilst zooming out the camera switches from wide to ultra wide, this lens has a narrower aperture and a wide field of view, which means that now objects that were previously invisible due to depth of field, are now visible as such a wide lens cannot throw them behind bokeh.”

An Instagram user described the video as “Unbelievable.” Another person wrote, “Yep I like to award these kinds of phones with the zoomonster label.” In reply to one of the comments, Robbie Khan mentioned that he used the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra to take the clip. The official Instagram account of Samsung Mobile USA also commented on his video.

This is not the only video taken from an airplane that has gone viral. In November 2023, a pilot shared a stunning view of the Aurora Borealis recorded from the cockpit. While sharing the clip, the pilot wrote, “The most intense Aurora Borealis I have ever seen!” He added, “Vibrant, bright curtains of green and red ionized atmosphere. So intense, it was even visible from the Netherlands, a very rare sight.”

This video amassed over 51,000 likes, leaving social media users thoroughly impressed by the breathtaking view.

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