Indira Gandhi Died: Man Finds Father’s Archive of 90s Newspapers From Historical Days, Shares Pics

Indira Gandhi Died: Man Finds Father's Archive of 90s Newspapers From Historical Days (Photo Credits: Reddit)

Indira Gandhi Died: Man Finds Father’s Archive of 90s Newspapers From Historical Days (Photo Credits: Reddit)

Viral Post: Reddit user shares father’s collection of newspapers from the 90s that hold significance in the Indian history.

Preserving cherished items like stamps, coins, and other memorabilia remains a fascination for many, a practice that seems to be dwindling in the age of smartphones and the internet. Yet, amidst this digital revolution, there were still individuals like this man’s father who possessed a remarkable habit of safeguarding historical newspaper archives. Who, you might wonder? Well, a Reddit user stepped forward to show his father’s stunning collection of newspapers that truly captivated the imagination.

Posted on the ‘India’ subreddit, user @Maleficent_Young_622 shared, “My father passed away in 2017…. Yesterday I opened one of his briefcases…. Found some old newspapers….” Accompanying the post were images displaying newspapers from the 90s, a time when these publications were the primary source of current affairs for many. The bold headlines from renowned publications such as ‘TOI’, ‘Hindustan Times,’ ‘Indian Express’, ‘Navbharat Times,’ and others evoked memories of days when such headlines sparked excitement in Indian households while our fathers and grandfathers savoured their morning tea.

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From the announcement of Jawaharlal Nehru’s demise (1964), Lal Bahadur Shastri’s passing (1966), Indira Gandhi’s tragic assassination (1984), to the conclusion of the Gulf Wars (1991), and the electoral defeat of Mrs. Gandhi by Raj Narain of the Janata Party (1977) in the Rae Bareli Lok Sabha constituency, these newspapers encapsulated pivotal moments in India’s history. What’s more, the newspapers remained in impeccable condition, each material still legible and retaining the allure it possessed in those bygone days.

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Soon, internet users began reacting to the discovery, with one suggesting, “You must get them laminated to keep them well preserved. They will be worth something in the future :)” Another shared, “I have a similar habit. Store newspapers on days which I feel would be historically important. Also, when I travel abroad, buy the paper just to record the date. Hopefully, one day, I will have something like this,” expressed another.

“Like a time capsule! I love going through old newspapers and magazines just to see the old adverts, the technology, prices of things, etc.,” remarked a third.

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Truly, this just goes to show that what’s hot off the press today can turn into tomorrow’s prized possession. And who knows, maybe if you had held onto a newspaper sporting the headline “How India Lost the 2023 ODI World Cup,” your grandkids could experience a real “page-turner” of national disappointment!

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