Gulab Jamun Chaat To Bhindi Samosa: Top Bizarre Food Recipes Of The Week

Following the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been no shortage of creative minds who have started donning their aprons and preparing street dishes and snacks, adding unusual ingredients in a bid to create something special and unique. While some of these recipes turn out to be mouth-watering, others just disgust the general public to the core. In keeping with the spirit of experimentation, this week too, street vendors tried their hands on recipes and created something bizarre that went viral on the internet.

Have a look at some of the eccentric recipes we curated this week:

Gulab Jamun Chaat

Sweets hold a special place in the hearts of every Indian, and festivals provide the perfect excuse to savour these delicacies with gusto. However, when a few adventurous minds try to recreate these classics by adding peculiar elements, it is not necessarily a success with Desi foodies. Similar was the case with the ‘Gulab Jamun Chaat’ that surfaced online, leaving everyone utterly disgusted. This peculiar combination featured Gulab Jamuns placed on a plate, followed by generous dollops of curd, tamarind, and green chutneys, topped with Papdi and Sev. The clip caused a stir, receiving an immediate thumbs down from the internet.

Burger With Noodles

Second on the list is a burger loaded with noodles, which is popularly known as the ‘Speedy Singh Burger’ in Punjab. This unique food combination left the internet divided, with many people expressing concerns about the messiness of adding noodles between burgers. The clip was posted on Instagram by food vlogger Akshay Sachdeva. The viral clip begins with toasting the buns in butter, followed by adding a generous amount of tandoori sauce and some veggies like sweet corn, capsicum, and carrots. Then, he sprinkles oregano along with aloo tikki and green chutney to enhance the flavour. Finally, comes the surprising addition of pre-made street-style chowmein.

Bhindi Samosa

Samosas are a go-to appetiser for desis while taking a tea break for refreshment. These crispy pockets filled with spiced mashed potatoes and a small quantity of vegetables hold a special place in the hearts of Indians. However, in today’s era of unique culinary experiments, samosa has undergone a lot of experiments. Recently, another variant, ‘Bhindi Samosa’, served at a street stall in Old Delhi, went viral, which is annoying foodies.

Shared on Instagram, the viral clip shows a vendor breaking open the samosa, showing the bhindi stuffing inside. He places it on a plate, tops it with aloo chole sabzi, and garnishes the snack with green chutney, chopped coriander, lemon juice, and some chaat masala. Finally, he serves this peculiar combination with two green chillies.

Pani Puri Coffee

Panipuri, Phucka, or Golgappe are at the core of most food experiments. A new video is making the rounds on Instagram, showcasing an artist making unique latte artwork on these crispy balls. In the now-viral Instagram reel, we see a small, round pani puri containing coffee. The latte artist uses milk to design a small tulip on top of the coffee-filled puri, filling it almost to the brim. In the comments, many users praised his art and came up with different names for this creation, including “Cappuriccino,” “Lattepuri,” “Coffeepuri,” “Gappechinno,” and “Purichino.” Others asked the artist not to ruin their favourite food items.

Burger Momos

Another experiment with burgers was by this street vendor, who mixed his culinary skills and adventurous mind to make street-style burger momos. The Instagram video went viral, showing the vendor toasting the burger buns on a pan before adding mustard. Next, he added some masala (a mixture of different spices), tandoori, and normal mayonnaise to the buns, followed by some hot garlic sauce, tomato slices, and chopped onions. Then, on one bun, the vendor adds a burger patty, and on the other bun, he puts three pieces of steamed momos, which he tops with a handful of noodles, some white mayo, and chilli sauce.

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