FinMin imposes definitive anti dumping duty on cast aluminium alloy wheels from China

The Finance Ministry has imposed definitive anti dumping duty on Cast Aluminium Alloy Wheels or Alloy Road Wheels (ARW) imports from China.

The definitive anti dumping duty, valid for five years, ranges from $ 0.23 per kg to $ 1.71 per kg depending on the producer from China.

Cast aluminium alloy wheels or ARW is used in motor vehicles. Today’s high end cars typically come with Cast Aluminum alloy wheels rather than basic steel wheels covered with a cap. 

Aluminium alloy wheels are seen to be far more durable, they are also fraction of the weight of steel wheel and so require less energy to rotate. Aluminium alloy wheels  contributes to better fuel efficiency, acceleration, better handling and braking. 

The Director General of Trade Remedies had, in January 2024, in its final findings of the second Sunset Review investigations recommended that definitive anti dumping duty be imposed on ARW imports from China.

The petition seeking second Sunset review investigation was filed by Kosei Minda Aluminium Company Pvt Ltd, Maxion Wheels Alluminium India, Minda Kosei Aluminium Wheel and Steel Strips Wheels Ltd.

The anti dumping duty on ARW was first imposed in May 2015. It was extended in 2019 and then again in 2022. The existing duties are set to expire on April 8 this year.

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