Ferrari Insurance debuts in Australia, complete with track cover

Ferrari owners who take their vehicle to the track have a new option for insurance in Australia.

The Prancing Horse brand is bringing its own insurance product Down Under, aimed at giving owners the ability to precisely tailor their coverage.

Along with insurance of up to $200,000 at track events hosted by Ferrari Australasia or its authorised dealer network, owners are able to select annual mileage as low as 100km, or can cover stored vehicles before they return to the road.

Ferrari says it will offer coverage that “recognises the true market value” of its cars, including those worth more than their initial list price.

Owners with large car collections or rare classics will be able to buy coverage worth up to $50 million.

“Ferrari Australasia is committed to supporting the dedicated community of Ferrari drivers in this region,” the brand says in its media release.

“With the introduction of Ferrari Insurance, our clients have nothing to stop them bringing their Ferrari vehicles out to enjoy the open road with complete peace of mind.”

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