Experts Say Ripple Could Have Biggest IPO Ever Considering its 45 Billion XRP

Prominent XRP community figures like Zach Rector have explored the speculative scenario of Ripple undertaking the largest initial public offering (IPO) in history, given the company’s significant amount of XRP.

In a recent video, Zach Rector highlighted the potential for Ripple to become one of the largest IPOs in history. The major backing for this speculation was the substantial value of XRP the company holds. 

Ripple XRP Portfolio

According to the most recent update accessible via Ripple API data, the company currently possesses more than 45 billion units of XRP. This encompasses both holdings in escrow and spendable balance. 

With XRP’s market value surpassing $0.508, this substantial XRP quantity equates to a monetary worth exceeding $23 billion.

Ripple Setting New IPO Record

On this premise, Zach Rector referenced the IPO values of the leading contenders. He highlighted Saudi Aramco as the largest IPO to date at $25.6 billion, followed by Alibaba’s $21.7 billion raise. 

Moreover, he cited examples like SoftBank Corp’s $21.3 billion, Visa’s $17.86 billion, and Facebook’s $16.45 billion IPOs. 

Reflecting on these substantial IPO values, Rector pondered Ripple’s potential. Specifically, he considered its significant XRP holdings, assuming the escrowed XRP had not been extensively pre-allocated. 

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Besides, he argued that the XRP held in escrow should be considered in Ripple’s valuation, as it is not currently reflected on the company’s balance sheet due to its locked status.

Furthermore, Rector noted the intriguing aspect of comparing Ripple to other companies, highlighting its use of digital assets, unlike other companies. 

He pointed out that while Saudi Aramco and other companies may have acquired significant assets and operated in sectors like energy, Ripple’s situation is unique due to its substantial XRP holdings. 

Rector emphasized that Ripple’s business model sets it apart from conventional companies, making it an extraordinary entity in the market.

Wall Street Expert Sees Ripple IPO Vaution at $500B

Notably, Zach Rector is not the only notable  XRP community figure projecting that Ripple could achieve a groundbreaking IPO valuation.

Wall Street analyst Linda Jones has previously argued that in a scenario where XRP reclaims its all-time high of $3.84, Ripple’s XRP portfolio would amount to over $150 billion.

This projection sets the foundation for a potential record-setting IPO valuation for Ripple. In her words:

“If they [Ripple] had $150 billion worth of XRP, what would the stock have to be worth? What if the stock was worth around $350 billion or three times that escrow? That would put it at a half-a-trillion-dollar valuation, which doesn’t seem that far-fetched for where it could be.”

However, the Wall Street analyst emphasized that her analysis was largely speculative. Nevertheless, Jones maintains optimism regarding Ripple’s trajectory.

Also, it is worth noting that Ripple has set aside its IPO plans due to the current regulatory hurdles.

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