Drunk Noida Woman Holds Security Guard’s Collar, Accuses Him Of Spying For Boyfriend

Last Updated: March 25, 2024, 16:00 IST

Drunk woman holds security guard’s collar. (Image Credits: X/gharkekalesh)

Drunk woman holds security guard’s collar. (Image Credits: X/gharkekalesh)

In the clip, the woman could be heard trying to get a confession out of the guard as she asked him if her boyfriend had paid him to spy on her.

We have often seen videos of people engaging in serious fights and creating a nuisance in public places after being intoxicated to an extent level. In a recent shocking event, a woman in an inebriated state misbehaved with a security guard despite her friends trying to stop her. In the video, the woman could be seen holding the guard by his collar and accusing him of spying on her on behalf of her boyfriend in Uttar Pradesh’s Noida. A video of the incident has gone viral on social media that has grabbed netizen’s attention.

In the clip, she could be heard saying “Paise deta Hai Na Terko..Paise deta Hai Na Daily” and trying to get a confession out of the guard as she asks him if her boyfriend pays him for spying on her. Later on, in the 1 minute 22-second video the woman was seen throwing the guard’s cap while another man recorded her wrongdoing as evidence. The time and date of the incident are not confirmed, but as per the post the incident took place in Noida.

Taking to X, a user named Arhant Shelby shared the video, later on

Another user with the name Ghar Ke Kalesh reshared the clip and wrote, “Kalesh b/w Drunk Lady and a Guard (Lady grabs Guards Collar Accusing Him To Be Informant Of Boyfriend in Noida UP)”.

Soon after the video was shared online, it grabbed the audience’s attention and left people irked by the women’s behaviour.

A user commented, “Is this the way to talk to the guart?”, another user wrote, “any action against the lady?”, one user wrote, “People who love KALESH really do love such kinds of issues,” another one wrote, “Seeing all this it seems why the government does not constitute a men’s commission?” a man wrote.

The fifth user wrote, “Delhi metro and Noida 90% desh ke kalesh yahi hote hai.” The sixth man wrote, “It is a personal problem. Not a rich vs a poor.” The video has gathered 267,000 views on X since the time it was shared.

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