Did The Simpsons ‘Predict’ Baltimore Bridge Collapse? Here’s the Truth

Did The Simpsons 'Predict' Baltimore Bridge Collapse (Photo Credits: X)

Did The Simpsons ‘Predict’ Baltimore Bridge Collapse (Photo Credits: X)

Did ‘The Simpsons’ predict the massive collapse of Francis Scott Key Bridge? Here’s everything to know about the viral claims.

As soon as the harrowing footage of the Baltimore bridge collapse surfaced on March 26, a wave of speculation and conspiracy theories swept across the internet. Initial reports hinted at the cargo ship Dali losing power, including to its engines, mere moments before it collided with the Francis Scott Key Bridge, leading to its immediate collapse. In fact, quick action by local authorities managed to close the bridge just in time, narrowly avoiding further catastrophe.

Like wildfire, news of the tragedy spread across the internet, fuelling speculation and intrigue. While investigations are underway to reveal the exact chain of events, the rumour mill churns with wild theories. Among them is the claim that The Simpsons predicted the bridge collapse, adding to the show’s reputation for seemingly foreseeing historical events.

The Simpsons’ track record for “predicting” events is well-known, ranging from Apple’s Vision Pro to the disappearance of the Titan Submersible. Given this, some wonder how the show could overlook the Baltimore Bridge collapse.

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The internet users were quick to unearth supposed evidence, like a clip featuring fictional news anchor Kent Brockman eerily announcing the bridge’s demise down to the minute. Yet, upon closer inspection, doubts crept in, with suspicions that the clip might be a clever AI fabrication rather than a genuine Simpsons prophecy as there’s no evidence that this clip appeared in the actual show.

Another clip from the show depicts the villain Scorpio using a doomsday device to destroy a bridge, which some have interpreted as a prediction of the Baltimore bridge collapse. However, this scene from the 1996 Season 8, Episode 2 – ‘You Only Move Twice’ refers to the Queensboro Bridge in New York City, not the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore, nor does it make much of a prediction.

Finally, an image circulating online shows the Simpson family watching the Baltimore bridge collapse, with a ship submerged in the water. However, this image has been edited, as pointed out by a community note on ‘X’. For instance, Lisa Simpson is depicted with ten spikes in her hair instead of her usual eight, and there is no record of such an event occurring in any episode of The Simpsons.

Thus, while these conspiracy yarns spin, authorities are hard at work untangling the truth behind the crash. So, until the smoke clears, it seems we’ll just have to wait for the next episode of reality to unfold.

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