Dad Arrested For Calling Police ’19 Times’ To Complain About His Son’s Homework

Last Updated: March 26, 2024, 18:02 IST

The man asked the principal to resolve the issue.  (Representative image)

The man asked the principal to resolve the issue. (Representative image)

The father is accused of complaining about too much homework and also of threatening and cursing the principal of the school.

A man from Ohio, USA, Adam Sizemore, found himself in legal trouble after allegedly placing multiple calls to his child’s school to voice complaints about excessive homework. Police reports indicate that Sizemore not only expressed frustration with the homework load but also allegedly made threats and used profanity directed at the principal of Kramer Elementary School. Detective Sergeant Adam Price of the Oxford Police Department disclosed that Sizemore initially called the school repeatedly, insisting on speaking with the principal. However, upon being informed that the principal was unavailable, he escalated the situation by contacting the police department. According to the detective, Sizemore proceeded to call the police station approximately 18 to 19 times within an hour, leading to his subsequent arrest.

According to reports, two police officers even visited the man’s home, but Sizemore refused to open the door. As a result, one officer went to the school and discovered that the man was still making calls. However, Sizemore denied accusations made against him and claimed that many of them were not true. Talking to Today, he said, “I’m a single dad of a boy and a girl and I’m just trying to do the best I can and that’s all I can do. People make mistakes.”

As per the police report, Adam Sizemore attempted to contact Principal Jason Merz regarding his concerns about the homework load, but Merz was unavailable. After he was directed to Merz’s voicemail, the man used offensive language against school’s secretaries and even made weird demands. As per the evidence provided by the school, the officer reportedly observed that Sizemore’s speech was unclear and inquired if he was intoxicated, to which Sizemore admitted that he was “high.”

As per the police report obtained by the portal, “Sizemore continued to curse at me and call me names. He also told me he was going to make sure I lost my job. I explained to Sizemore if (he) called again, I would file a Telecommunication Harassment charge on him. I ended up hanging up on him. Sizemore called right back with the same behaviour he was warned about.”

Reportedly, when Sizemore finally spoke with Principal Jason Merz, he expressed his frustration with his son having too much homework and even used foul language. Merz terminated the call due to his behaviour, but he resumed contacting Kramer Elementary School the next day. In a voicemail left for Principal Merz, the man suggested the principal handle the situation like an adult. Following these incidents, the father was arrested outside his home.

Detective Sergeant Adam Price stated that Adam Sizemore has been charged with two counts of telecommunications harassment and one count of menacing. If the man is found guilty, he could face a maximum penalty of a $1,000 (approximately Rs 83,000) fine and up to six months in jail for each count.

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