Couple Claims ‘Naked Workout Sessions’ Are The Secret To Their Healthy Relationship

Last Updated: March 22, 2024, 17:50 IST

The couple pays for exclusive access to the gym for privacy. (Photo Credits: Instagram)

The couple pays for exclusive access to the gym for privacy. (Photo Credits: Instagram)

The Brazilian couple workout together completely “naked” claim that it burns more calories.

Bella Mantovani and Vagner O Fera, a couple from Sao Paulo, Brazil, took their marriage in 2011 as an opportunity to add some excitement. Feeling controlled by religious beliefs impacting their intimacy, they took an unconventional route to enhance their love life. Fearless and bold, the couple started a unique fitness journey, as they work out together completely “naked” and claim that it burns more calories. Despite criticism, the Brazilian couple asserts that “nude workouts” produce best results. Interestingly, the couple pays for exclusive access to the gym to ensure their privacy and respect for other gym members. Meanwhile, Vagner says he feels free when exercising without clothes, as he finds it more motivating.

This unique practice has not only strengthened their bond but has also improved their relationship. Additionally, Bella and Vagner, who follow a polyamorous lifestyle, have a joint OnlyFans page. They find pleasure in unconventional activities such as taking walks together, with Vagner sometimes on a leash.

Bella tells Jam Press, “It’s a form of intimacy and complicity that goes beyond the conventional.” Both believe that their NSFW (workout not only benefits their physical health but also strengthens their emotional bond. Bella further shared that she’s satisfied with their unique lifestyle, stating, “I don’t want another life.” Despite facing criticism, Vagner shares that much of the negativity comes due to jealousy and believes many secretly desire to live as freely as they do. Bella added that their polyamorous relationship has made them happier and brought them closer as a couple.

Reacting to their viral clip, a user wrote, “I’m invited.”

An individual asked, “What the gym and time?”

A user shared, “What’s it like to train hard.”

Bella Mantovani and Vagner O Fera, known for their steamy content, surprised many by revealing that most people are not interested in their intimate moments, but rather they want to see them doing daily household activities. As per Daily Mail, Bella shared that their fans enjoy seeing them engage in daily tasks like washing dishes, cleaning and making the bed. Interestingly, a fan even requested a photo from a different area of their house every week. Bella humorously shared that they always need to have a cleaning tool in hand for these photos. Despite the unexpected requests, the couple find it funny and enjoy the process.

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