Chilling Details On How UP Barber Killed 2 Children At Their Home

Aayush and Ahaan died but Piyush suffered minor injuries.

Chilling details have emerged in a double murder case in Uttar Pradesh’s Budaun, in which a man allegedly walked into a neighbour’s home, asked for money and killed two children. 

The alleged killer, Sajid, ran a barber shop opposite the victims’ house and knew their father Vinod, police said. On Tuesday evening, Sajid visited their house, ostensibly to borrow Rs 5,000, but Vinod was not at home. Vinod’s wife Sangeeta says she handed him the money and went to the kitchen to make tea. It was then that he allegedly attacked her three children, killing two of them.

Sajid then fled with his brother Javed, who was waiting outside on a bike. The police say when Sajid was caught, he fired at the cops and was killed in an encounter. An inspector was shot and has been admitted to hospital, the police said. Javed is still missing. The police have announced a reward of Rs 25,000 for information about him.

A magisterial probe has been ordered into the encounter and the district magistrate has sought the probe report within 15 days.

No dispute with him, says father of children

The double murders have sparked tension in the city, with residents setting the barber’s shop on fire. 

The police dismissed reports linking the killings to occult. Social media is being monitored to prevent such rumours, senior police officer Alok Priyadarshani said.

The police said the motive behind the murders has not been established so far, but it appears to be a dispute between Sajid and Vinod.

However, Vinod has denied any dispute. “I had no dispute with him. I was away from home for work when he came to the house. One of my sons was able to escape him and warn his mother,” Vinod told NDTV.

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“He was anxious”

According to the family, Sajid told Vinod’s wife Sangeeta that his pregnant wife was in hospital and he needed Rs 5,000 for her treatment. Sangeeta called her husband Vinod on the phone, who reportedly told her to loan him the money. 

“I gave him the money and he told me his wife’s delivery was scheduled for 11pm. He said he was anxious and I told him not to be worried. I gave him the tea and he went upstairs with my son,” Sangeeta told NDTV.

Killer switched off light, then attacked

Sajid allegedly asked the oldest boy, 11-year-old Aayush, to show him his mother’s beauty salon upstairs. The boy led him to the first floor, and then the second floor. On the second floor, Sajid allegedly switched off the lights and attacked Aayush with a knife.

Sajid was allegedly slitting Aayush’s throat when his youngest brother Ahaan (6) walked in. Sajid allegedly grabbed Ahaan and killed him in a similar manner. He went on to attack their other brother, Piyush, but the seven-year-old was able to run away and hide, the police said. Aayush and Ahaan died but Piyush suffered minor injuries.

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Got what he deserved, says killer’s mother

An FIR has been registered against the two brothers. The police are also questioning Sajid’s father.

Their mother Najin said she had no clue why her sons committed the brutal crime. “I don’t know what was going on in their heads. They had their breakfast and left home around 7 am. I don’t know what happened. There was no tension at home,” she said, adding that she empathised with the victims’ family and that her son got what he deserved.

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