Bengaluru Woman Thanks Auto Rickshaw Driver, Police for ‘Selfless’ Aid After Bike Stopped Midway

Representative Image (Photo Credits: iStock)

Representative Image (Photo Credits: iStock)

Bengaluru woman’s appreciation post for auto-rickshaw driver, cops and everyone who came to her aid after her bike stopped midway goes viral on Reddit.

Opening the ‘Bangalore’ subreddit always seems to unveil a darker facet of the city, offering a string of reasons to harbour disdain for what it has seemingly become. However, amidst this, a recent post by a woman in the same subreddit, acknowledging the ‘selfless’ assistance of an auto-rickshaw driver, police, and others, has injected a refreshing touch of positivity that every Bengalurean has been savouring since it went viral.

Posted by the Reddit user @paperbackdreams_, the narrative began with a 26-year-old woman’s journey from Old Madras to Indiranagar, encountering peculiar behavior from her bike near Gopalan Mall, ultimately leading to its sudden halt. Despite her persistent efforts to restart it, it was the timely intervention of two police officers who initially came to her aid.

“They tried to kick start it a couple of times but it didn’t seem to work. So they flagged an auto and asked the auto guy to help us out. Together they opened up the bike, did a few things and the auto guy came to the conclusion that my bike was overfilled with petrol and air had gotten in, so it wasn’t starting” elaborated the OP. Subsequently, the auto-rickshaw driver stepped in to help restart her bike, and she departed after expressing her gratitude to him and the officers.

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But the story didn’t end there. “I was able to go until Swami Vivekananda signal but my bike stopped again. This whole time the auto guy was behind me, I think he wanted to make sure my bike wouldn’t stop again, so when my bike did stop again, he parked his auto and came to help me without me having to ask,” she recounted. Despite his efforts, he couldn’t restart her bike and left to fetch a mechanic while she waited with a street vendor, both persistently trying to start it.

“A few people saw me struggling to start my bike, so one guy on his bike saw me got off his bike and said he’ll help, vendor guy explained the situation and he began kick starting my bike, with the petrol hole thingy open to let the air out. My bike took maybe around 15-20 minutes to restart, by this time the auto guy returned with mechanic but we didn’t need him anymore.” Even then, the rickshaw driver followed her for a kilometer or two to ensure her bike didn’t stall again before bidding farewell as they went their separate ways.

The entire episode of multiple people coming to her aid appealed to the OP, who shared an appreciation post for all of them. Soon, it garnered attention, spreading a positive note about Bengaluru everywhere.

“This Gives me hope after reading all those posts about negative incidents in Bangalore lately,” commented one user. Another remarked, “This must be first post ever where “following” was used positively. It’s a breath of fresh air over here. Thanks for sharing :)”

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Truly, after being bogged down by all the negative news, this was like a breath of fresh air in a city full of traffic!

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