Alpha Motors shows the Wolf EV pickup in entry-level RWD form

Alpha Motors is back with a little more info on its battery-electric Wolf pickup — and as much as we’re happy to imagine the Wolf coming to market, we’re disappointed to see that Alpha Motors is only back with more renderings and info. The latest mockup depicts a Wolf in rear-wheel-drive, entry-level trim with some highwater white sidewalls.

The Irvine, California, firm says it widened its modular skateboard chassis to make room for a larger battery. Previous battery capacity targets of between 65 and 85 kWh enabled ranges of between 250 and 275 miles on a charge. Using a larger pack of as-yet-unknown size, Alpha says there will be trims that can get up to 350 miles on a charge, with 250 miles still the backstop. If power outputs and suspension specs haven’t changed from the prototype announced in a video last year, a single motor on the solid rear axle will make 284 horsepower and get the truck up to 125 miles per hour. 

We’re told the steel construction’s been simplified, so too the interior “to provide spaciousness, durability, and enable streamlined assembly.” Since the original rendering of the Wolf’s interior revealed a plain horizontal instrument panel adorned with two small screens, we don’t know what simplification is possible here other than losing one (or both?) of the screens.

New info on tire sizes reveals the base Wolf will sit on “lightweight 31-inch tires,” the truck’s wheel wells able to swallow tires sizes up to 34 inches. Eventually, the Wolf is planned to hit the market priced between $36,000 and $46,000, numbers that haven’t changed in three years.

We really like the look of the Wolf. With every new press release from the company, we grow less confident we’ll see these looks outside of renderings. The company’s teased a number of vehicles since it jumped out of the gate with the Ace electric coupe four years ago, when it told Autoblog it planned to begin delivering vehicles in 2023. A year after the Ace showed, and then Alpha had turned the Ace into the Jax EV crossover coupe, the company changed its priority to the Wolf, a compact EV pickup with a reported range of up to 275 miles and able to tow as much as 3,000 pounds. The Vehicles tab at the Alpha website now lists five models in five body styles and 15 variations on those five models. Not only is there nothing in production, Alpha still makes no mention of a potential production timeline, at the same time as it talks up “over 66,000 vehicle preorder indications received to date,” whatever “preorder indications” are.

Alpha says, “Following successful validation of WOLF’s driving performance [it is] ramping up manufacturing of test vehicles and advancing pre-production.” 

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