21-Year-Old Who Thought He Had Back Ache, Dies Of Cancer Within Days

Last Updated: February 03, 2024, 13:59 IST

Gerald was vomiting and coughing up blood.

Gerald was vomiting and coughing up blood.

Gerald Green, 21, initially went in to hospital with a sore back, but tragically died in a hospice the same week.

A 21-year-old tragically died after being diagnosed with a severe and aggressive form of cancer just days after dismissing his symptoms as a simple backache. Gerald Green, from Paisley, Scotland, initially believed his discomfort was due to needing a new bed. However, his condition worsened when he began vomiting and coughing up blood.

Concerned, Mr Green’s mother, Paula, rushed him to the Royal Alexandra Hospital on January 19. Doctors, after diagnosing him with severe anaemia, conducted surgery to drain his kidneys. Shockingly, during the procedure, Mr Green stopped breathing and had to be resuscitated, leading to an induced coma in a desperate bid to save his life.

After waking from the coma, Mr Green went through a week of testing before receiving the devastating cancer diagnosis. The aggressive nature of the disease prompted his transfer to St Vincent’s Hospice. Gerald Green sadly died just hours after arriving on January 30.

Mr Green’s cousin, Ailley Colquhoun, shared with the Daily Record, “It was so quick, it’s hard to take in that he’s actually gone. We’re all in shock.”

She said, “When my auntie Paula found out Gerald had been hiding the fact he had blood in his sick, she immediately took him to hospital. He was obviously scared when he hid it so we’re urging anyone who has any symptoms like his to get checked out immediately, before it’s too late.”

The devastated family learned that “there was nothing they could do for Gerald,” as the disease had already spread throughout his body. Ms Colquhoun recounted, “Our whole family were with him when he died. He told us he loved us and he said goodbye. Those were his last words. He passed away a few hours later.”

Ailley Colquhoun fondly remembered Mr Green as a “great footballer” and a “funny, cheeky lad” who had a deep affection for his dogs and St Mirren FC. “Gerald was the youngest in the family and he was Paula and Gerry’s only son. He was always up for a laugh and very easy going. He never took life too seriously. Everyone always says how polite and kind he was. He had his whole life ahead of him but he was unaware of what was going on until last week. It’s just unbelievably sad,” she continued.

Despite having his whole life ahead of him, Gerald Green remained unaware of his condition until last week, making the situation “unbelievably sad,” according to Ms Colquhoun. Gerald Green had also been taking care of his father, Gerry, following his stroke.

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